Cameroonian Hip Hop artist and a Master Degree holder in English Law at the University of Yaoundé 2 Soa,  whose real names are IGNATIUS NCHE ASAFETOH was born on the 10th of November 1989 in Mezam Division, Northwest region of Cameroon. In a family of six born of Anye Charles Asafetoh (Father) and Azah Monica (Mother) also known as Iron Lady all of Bamenda as mentioned above. Big Joe during his secondary school days in Longla Comprehensive College Mankon  Bamenda, started singing (rapping) by entertaining his classmates in  school and his family at home. Later in Mid – 2000, he joined a group of recording artists like Gambler and Smoogler, Divine Mokoro, Ankias Valley Man , Junne Afrique , Fombilion , Malkom  Markey, Loh Benson, Rain Gutti, Rain Bow of Alabukam and  John Minang (of blessed memory) in order to promote the Hip Hop and Entertainment Industry in Bamenda at the time .

Later in 2003 , Big Joe Teamed up with other  Hip Hop Musicians Like Sine, Martino, G-Will , Irony , Master P , Strange –Man , Fonji , Nastong Forreal , General Toczik , Yomo Christ , and Godwill Fongwa for a Free – Style Jam held in Maracana Night Club ( International Hotel ), a Mapson Production show, still to promote the growth of the Hip Hop  and Entertainment Industry in Bamenda .

In late 2004 – 2005 , Big Joe created a Hip Hop group called (The Donsquard Family) with Recording Artist like Generall Khan, Stink-B, Don Natt, and Embargo in order to bring Unity amongst Rising Artist in general. Donsquard Family was able to trill the entire Bamenda population in various shows like the Bamenda Yearly Human Right Festival of the British Library, The Allied City Production of Barista Teddy Fobishi, The Abakwa Urban Hip Hop Show, The Bahood Yearly Festival, and (The Mixed – Up Entertainment ), a Mr Ngwa Ngwa Production held in Cold Corner Behind the Grand – Starde of Bamenda at the time .

Also Big Joe was expose to various regular Radio platforms in Bamenda like The Scoop Sound Track (S.S.T) presented by  Junior Ebi Chenge at  Hot Coco , Maxim Saga of Abakwa Fm presented by Kokoti , The Comedy show of Abakwa Fm presented by Mancho Bibixy , Ngia Doh Potatoes and Chinedu , and Hype Show of City FM presented by Mc Proff  and Big Joe .

Big Joe has working deals with Recording Studios like Bahood Records run by DJ 2LE , Spectrum Records run by DJ stone and DJ Will , Dancraze Records, run by Nastong Forreal , S.T.M Studios run by DJ chucks , Amusement Music run by Adah Akenji ,New- Bell Music run by Ndukong Bertrand and Le Monstre ,  G3- Studios run by Chi-Chi- Lagislav, and Scratch Records run by DJ Patzo in order to produce fine music for the  entire 237 Population .

In 2006, Big Joe was voted the best Hip Hop Underground Artist of the Male category in the Abakwa Urban Hip Hop Awards held in Franco – Cameroonian Alliance of Bamenda . Currently, Big Joe is working on his EP and also rapping up his upcoming Album (Wind Of Change) that will be release before the end of the year. Big joe has released three big singles, that is TCHOP ET YAMO drop in late 2014, SIRRI – B released in early 2016 and DANCRAZE release on February 2018. Also there is high anticipation for the Official video of DANCRAZE as the song is highly appreciated by many Cameroonian Music lovers, thus demanding for an ALL – STARS Remix in future.  Moreover Big Joe has featured other Artist like Adah Akenji , Leads-Man, Djo , Magasco , Generall Khan , Pascal , G- Reign and Host more of other upcoming artist  in 237 Music . Consequently he has performed on so many Hip Hop Shows in Cameroon like the Orange Platform, Orangina Plaform, MTN Cameroon Plaform , French Cultural Center End of Year Show, Le Brazerie Du Cameroon Promo Show, Ongola Hip Hop Festival, S.T.M Chill Out Show , Safari – Festival Show At Palait De Sporte Yaounde, Lady Ponce Street Band at Starde De Omnisport Yaounde , Miss Blue Water  Contest at Palait De Congre Yaounde and so on and on . Thus he is ready to give in his best to the Cameroonian entertainment Industry as of now.

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