Blanche Bailly is a Cameroonian afro pop artist. She displays a diversity of style which she infuses in her sound.

Born August 8, 1995, and worthy daughter of the Region of West Cameroon by Bagangté Blanche Bailly of her real name Bailly Larinette Tatah is a singer of Afropop. After completing her primary studies at Secret Heart School in Kumba (south-west region), she moved to France at the age of twelve, where she obtained both regular and advanced level certificates.

Artistic approach
Through passages in school groups and the church choir, she began to hone her vocal skills and vocal performances. 2015 marks Blanche’s official entry into the music scene as a singer / songwriter with her single “Killa”, a song produced by London producer AyoBeatz. That same year, she collaborated on the ‘Bruce Lee’ track. Julz, Rawf K and Ama Fru.

Saddetermination at work and his particular style gives him little recognition from his peers. 2016 confirms its evolution it comes back this time with another composition “KAM WE STAY” where Blanche denounces the cohabitation still called “the one comes stay”, encouraging couples to unite conventionally.
The artist wants to use her music as a voice to shed light on women’s issues that are not fully addressed in our society and to highlight women’s empowerment.

2017 marks an extraordinary turning point in the career of white bailiff. After the singles “killa” and “kamwestay” the beauty with the breathtaking and devastating physics launches a new challenge that of truly penetrate the market of urban music Cameroon With its single called Mimbayeur. In collaboration with another star of urban music, the panthers guy A k.aMink’sThis title, which is becoming more and more successful, is the phrase of a hit “njoumba no di marred” by nicoleMarapour to make it a real chorus taken up in song and heart by all his fans.

Mimbayeur recounts the life of a couple who after separation separates the woman feels victim because she is treated of all the negative names he also writes the relations that exist in the couples, those based on the interests. The song, the duo of the artists remains a treat wow !!! And the scenario a moment to couple the breath that is found only in foreign clips. proof that white bailly does not come in this game to make the figuration but in the perspective of cutting down a professional job.

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