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City and Yanstar are two Cameroonian artists of the new generation who stand out because of their youth. With an African Style: AFROPOP

City and Yanstar, from their real names (FOTSO KAMTUE Guy-Constant and NOUTCHUI NDJANBOUO Marino Donald) are two Cameroonian artists of the new generation who stand out for their youth.
The opening between the two friends starts in 2005, they discover this common passion for the art of singing and put on the record market their first single called ” konlait ” song that goes around the country and hoisted the band Featurist at the top of several local Hit Parades. They are currently participating in several local events such as Afro Design, Holiday Challenge, FOMARIC … This same title leads City and Yanstar to other countries: Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Gabon. Some time later, it is time for Europe to give itself more chance and to be better immersed in the universal rules of music. Three months later, he was joined by his team-mate Yan, a professional audio-visual technician, who came to Toulouse France for a retraining at a training center. On their return to Cameroon, they met Eric Djesby Poundeu, CEO of the Rick Djes Music label. their first album of eleven tracks (wakili wassa, my husband, come to treat me, show time …) entitled ” Africa where I come ” released on February 11, 2011 with a video shot in the 10 regions of Cameroon.

In 2014, now under the label White House Music based in France, the group released a 3 tracks single maxi “It drives me crazy” – “She is Bamileke” and “Babaah”. Like Davido in Nigeria, the band ” Featurist ” is currently the ambassador of a new musical style very fashionable in Cameroon and which combines urban rhythms with the folkloric wealth of the country (Africa in miniature) Babaah ” grandfather ‘s dance’ ‘a dance inspired by the goal celebrations of footballer Samuel Eto’o Fils. Dance that philosophically is the torch of the ability to produce. another single is released on July 1, 2015. Entitled “Touh Mbap”, this song is for the donor lessons. A way to tell them that no one has the science infuse. A philosophy that the group shares perfectly. This maxi single and many more to come will announce the release of their 2nd Album planned in late 2016 entitled ” Stop us if you can ”.

Still on the way.


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