Rap/Hip Hop

Douala, Cameroon

Record Label
New Bell Music


Jovi is an artist, sound engineer, and producer from Cameroon. Born and raised in Douala in 1983, Jovi gained national attention when he released his hit video “Don 4 Kwat” in 2012. With origins in the North West province, Jovi is the first rap artist in Cameroon to rap in Pidgin English. He has broken linguistic and cultural barriers and gained a huge following with both English and French speaking youth by fusing Pidgin English, French, and English in his music. Jovi’s witty punch lines and social commentary highlight his creative artistic ability. Jovi produces all of his music under his producer pseudonym, “Le Monstre”.

Le Monstre composes and produces for artists under New Bell Music, such as Reniss’ AfriKan LuV (2013) and follow-up EP Milkish (2015); Pascal’s Work No Dey Volume 1 EP (2015) and Volume II The Prelude (2016). He has also written and produced for many other artists across the country and internationally, such as Akon, who released his video “Shine the Light” in January 2016. Jovi was named by Trace TV as one of “The 15 Artists to Follow for 2015” and he was on the list “1o African Rappers You Should Absolutely Know.” In February 2016, Jovi was interviewed by The Fader, the New York-based music magazine, which also featured the world premiere of his new song “Bad Influence.” In June 2016 Jovi was interviewed by Vibe Magazine in the article “ATL to the Motherland: The Rise of Afro-Trap.”


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