Ndimofor Pascal (Yung King)

Ndimofor Pascal Aka Yung King is undoubtfully one of Cameroon’s best Rappers.. Pascal made his unique introduction into the Cameroonian hip-hop scene in the track “Check sense” featuring  with Jovi among other songs like  “No waiting” , “Epic Ish”, Voici Ca etc in his first EP titled Work Dey Vol1, . His second Ep came pregnant with sick bars cementing him as one of the best in the game. Volume 2 had good track such as  Kana Kana, King Don cam, Elevate, Manka..etc .  Since then he has matched on with the inevitable challenges posed with being a rapper, hence generating massive hype in not so much  time in the game.The young talent has made a lot of impressions though with just 1 album and 2 Ep’s. His album WorkDey3 is one of Cameroon’s all time best rap albums. He has been a model for other young talents to follow or keeping the pace, with Pascal in the game we always know what to expect, exciting lyrics with flows reflecting his style and attitude.

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