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Numerica by his real name Alexandre Loïc Tientcheu was born in the early 90s in Cameroon.  Fascinated by football, he gets off to a good start, but for academic reasons he puts an end to focus on his studies. This allowed him to face and succeed serenely in his various school exams. This is how he became perfectly trilingual (French, English and Turkish).
A few years later, the young artist discovered a passion for music with a particular weakness for Ivorian music and more specifically for the Décalé Coupe. In view of his influences, he followed artists such as Dj Arafat, Debordo Leekunfa. Rocked by their series of hits, he goes to the school of atalaku and improves over time his apprehension of the Coupé Décalé while continuing with his graduate studies from the year 2010.
His Anglo-Saxon education and schooling have an impact on his musical appreciation. Thus, despite his love for the Coupé Décalé, he is gradually interested in Ghanaian and Nigerian music. Drawing his influences in the Coupé Décalé, AfroPop and Azonto, he decided to create a rhythm common to his three African musical currents all this in Cameroonian sauce.
The universe of this Artist with this defines through a style that he considers to be Kwatt n’B. that is to say, a kind of fusion between the R’n’B and the sounds of Cameroon a very explosive mixture that tends to make a dance more and more wide.


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