Born on the 19th of December 1996 in Tiko, Ekombong Veena-Ladi commonly known as Laderge back then has always loved being an entertainer. Just like Beyonce, she charged house guests to watch her dance during her mothers dedication when she was barely 7 years old. 
       Her consistent increasing love for entertainment got her to study Performing And Visual Arts (PVA ) in the university of Buea and currently in her final year. Her professional dance career started in 2017 when she and her two close friends, decided to start up a dance crew of their own. This bold step got them a channel on YouTube, Dynamicz DC where one could watch their dance videos, and also went ahead to dance in videos like in Daphne’s  “Madingwa”, July’s “Skido”, “Suleve”, “For your mind”, Vekumze’s “Move It”, Falon, Big G Baba, Duke Junior, just to name a few, also danced with Brenda Derry during a hip hop concert in Douala. Many liked her passion cuz she pushed harder every time it felt hard.
      Late 2017, the DDC fell out making her to audition into the Kamer Great Dancers (KGD) where she has managed to secure the perfect light for herself. Lately, she has been seen in X-Maleya’s Fianga and has, as a KGD been seen spicing grand events such as Cliq Urban of last year, Little Cyndy, Kamerlink’s first edition, and many others. It is with no doubt the sky is her limit and we celebrate her as a strong woman today handling both her career and education and handling them so well. Kamer is in deed blessed with talents and Muzee is more than happy to root them out…

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