Blueprint Hakeem Drops a Wake Up call to Camer Rappers- Fix Up your Lives

t  is  only  12 days into December, and while many artists have rounded up already with their Music releases for the year and are preparing for the Christmas Celebrations. Versatile Bamenda Based Rapper Blueprint Hakeem Who  heated up the industry with his Excuse my English project, returns to the spotlight with some hot bars worth your Attention. Blueprint Uses the Instrumental of You rappers Should Fix Up your Lives by M.I Abaga to deliver a Smashing hot Controversial Rap track.

Blueprint Hakeem had earlier announced on his Facebook page that Come Wednesday he will  Do Justice to Cameroonian Rappers same like M.I Baga did to Nigerian Rappers.

Just before i get into the details of the Rap song, It’s been a while any Rapper has taken such a bold step to drop such a Controversial song that will likely steam up the industry. The cover art, steamed arguments between fans with some linking the cover art to Illuminati.

Blueprint probably was preparing their minds for whats coming next. Blueprint uses 3 minutes and 32 seconds to bring Correction to the game.

In  the first 30  seconds of the track, Hakeem takes shots at Most Cameroonian Rappers Who are varnishing from the Rap Scene. Those who have given Up rap and  have now become Afropop singers.

All u dope rappers are vanishing.
U Startam wt power den enam way wey d perika dem no get direction?.
U must u pick up dat mic.
Wuna must rap sotey cry.

Hakeem goes ahead to take a shot at So-called Cameroonian Rappers who have been doing Bikutsi and other genres their Whole career and they Call themselves rappers. He Questions why Some Rappers will sing Bikutsi/Makossa and then get Awarded as “Best Hip Hop Artist” in Award shows.

Hakeem is the Rap Messiah, with a wake up Call for the Rap Game. Hakeem rides on  as he also tackles a Cankerworm that has been eating most artists in Cameoron, “Anglophone Rappers- Rapping in french”. He had this Killer Lines for them

“All of u who rappers who singing on every little song in french jst to stand in the light.
Wen table go ton u go cam bk fo line start d askam. “Which language d shine”
Ma brother. Na language d shine?
Masa! Fix up your mind.”

Througout the Track Blueprint Hakeem  Speaks truth in Bitterness as he advice’s rappers towards fixing their life and stop Switching and settling for less, instead of dropping Hard Core Rap content.

Great Rappers always comes out with something different and iconic, Hakeem  Just did!!  Hakeem just brought Correction to the Game you can call him “Hakeem Edit”.

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