We have been graced with agencies such as KGD, GGC and others but Butterfly is proving to be on top of the game with intends of staying there for long. Seeing the way artists stress these days to get well trained girls to beautify their videos,  or working with friends and relatives who are not reliable and professional enough, the young beautiful talented and former vixen Audrey Zink wanted to make a change. She took it upon herself to train girls who will have proper orientation on how a vixen should behave,perform on a video set in order to portray a professional view.
     With this, her idea was built and she felt one hand can’t tie a nod so reached out to the Ruff Diamond lead artist Yung Chavo who together, they laid down the foundation for Butterfly which was to portray color and beauty in all shapes, sizes and race. The agency officially started on the 20th of April 2017 and over these months have proudly featured in videos like Xmaleya’s “Fianga”, Boy Tag’s “Talla”, Meshi’s “Come for Me”, Salatiel’s “Sans Complex”, Awu’s “Sidomina”, Miney’s “Pandemie”, Ambe’s “Vitese”, Dj Zoumanto’s “Do like I Do”, Mr leo ft Hiro, Sammy Diko ft Locko, just to name a few and stroke again in Stanley Enow’s “Cassanova” and many other unreleased projects. 
    In a close interview with the manager and CEO, they thank persons like Tata Walez, Dr Nkeng Stephens, Adah Akenji, Regis Talla, Mr Asa, Andrenaline, and a host of others who have helped them rise to where they are now with the speed of light. They go ahead to agree to keep their future plans as a surprise so as to always have something new to give those who believe in them. They accept anyone who has the passion into the agency and who is hardworking whatever the size and color of the person.
        With the aim of Butterfly being to supply professionally trained video vixens, facial and commercial models, makeup artist, dancers and hostesses, this top ranked agency has a humble mind and plans on taking Cameroon vixen why not world wide to promote it’s rich culture. With the level of success they are now, it is with no doubt that they work hard and though crowned by many as the biggest and best presently in the country, they say there is still more to achieve before earning the crown and promise never to fail their followers. Applauding Audrey Zink and Chavo for their hard work, Muzee stands to support Butterfly in any way possible for this is what 237 kamer needs to grow.

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