Dancers have constantly been mistaken for vixens as people think they are just part of mise-en-scene to spice up a video but names in 237 kamer showbiz such as Brenda Derry, Tarla Pamela, and Aline Snuff give us the mind there is more to dancing that what we think.

Born on the 17th of May 1995, Banye Aline Verla aka Aline Snuff, origin from the North West Region of Cameroon,from the Bansu tribe is a great and talented Cameroonian big time dancer. The young superstar took to the spotlight some two years back after dancing in the UB Fansclub since she got into UB. She met the likes of many artists and just like every other uprising dancer, she attended several video shoots invited or not, paid or not just to get to where she is today. “I remember when i got my first 15k as a dancer, it was epic since i went for many shoots and sometimes came back with nothing or fake promise to call back. It wasn’t easy trying to make a name as a dancer but I bore in mind ma passion is ma vision so pushed me never to give up and i am testifying to that today” said the beautiful Snuff during a close interview with Muzee.
She now stands out not only as a dancer but a choreographer, and a role model to many young Cameroonians. Barely last year,her prayers were answered when the famous Mr. Leo contacted her and her colleague Malabo Cynthia to be his personal dancers.

Yes she had been dancing with Mr Leo for long but this opportunity was heightened. They were opportuned to tour with him, travel and visit other countries with him. She doesn’t hide her excitement as she says it was a heart warming experience. As an advantage, she can also indulge in other projects and she sparked up “The Roots” as a brand of using dance to promote Cameroon culture which was a great initiative. We can use the whole day to talk about this young talented art but we are letting the rest for you to discover. She is a final year student of the University of Buea, a successful dancer and choreographer and an established lady. Her love life she decides to keep secret but hints us that she is not searching.

We believe in our superstar dancer and expect her to always deliver as she says “with fans like mine, i will have more reasons to always deliver. Thank you all for the support and thanks to Muzee for always having my back.”

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