When you hear the names Ruffy D, Yung Boss, Ace Fabby and Freeboi, bear in mind we are taking you to an inside of Nosliipgang.
This is a rap band with very strong styles and unique melody which is rare in Cameroon.They have done a couple of songs such as “Moko Moko”, with “Panda cover” directed by Another Mosima P Sontin which got everyone in the industry and around asking questions about them. They go way back but started professional music in 2015 which has led them through a wonderful journey as they just blessed us with their latest track entitles “Meditation”.
They are not signed to any record label yet not cuz they haven’t had the opportunity but cuz they fear their rare and unique style may want to be changed or covered but will get into business with any label that shares the same vision like them. From a close interview with the gang, Ruffy D explained that the name was gotten to prove that sleep is not essential if one wants to make it to the top so rather that sleeping, they stay up to write dope lyrics thus “Nosliipgang”. They have managed to keep a fan base in Buea and intend taking it across the country,continent and why not the universe.
They go further to share the fact that they have had collaborations with artist like Drea Boy, Yung Time, Sweet Songz and even Dready Christ which they plan on storming the whole place with sooner or later.
We appreciate them and what they do and hope they continue in that spirit and can always count on Muzee to have their backs.

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