Eight Major Fails For Cameroon Showbiz in 2018

Season greetings to readers of Muzee,we are counting days to the end of 2018 and it wouldn’t be wise to get into a new year without looking back at the things that failed or brought humiliation on our entertainers this year. The year was an interesting one for fans and entertainers as it saw the good,the bad and ugly. We chose to bring you the things that went wrong because there is a lot to learn from failure than success .Failure/humiliation can sometimes cause feelings of inferiority, depression and aggression but in some,it enlarges the spirit and some use the experience to work more intelligently and tactfully .Here are some major  blunders by entertainers this year;

The cliq  Empire and Bonteh Media Network began the year in high spirits with the launch of the maiden edition of the event “YOLO” (you only live once”.Prince Enobi of Cliq Empire who has successfully carved a niche for himself as a multi-talented event organiser coming together with the daring,hard-working and industrious Bonteh Engelbert only meant the outcome of the event will be a success. The events which were slated for 11th,14th and 17th of December in Buea at Las Vegas snack with motherland Empire frontline artist Stanley Enow, Blu nation singer Tzy Panchak and the vitesse crooner Ambe all failed due to the security concerns in the south west region.

Up next on our list is “bon bon” hit maker Blanche Bailly.Blanche Bailly who is undoubtedly one of the most loved female singers in Cameroon met what every entertainer will say is one of their greatest fears -showing up at an empty concert with no tickets sold. The beautiful and sexy pop star headed out to perform in an empty hall in Cote d’ivoire earlier in February despite all assurance from the concert organiser that the show was completely sold out. She and her manager were left stranded as the promoter vanished into thin air. This is the kind of experience that will make you want to bury your face with shame but the mimbayeur queen kept striving as she made a successful Europe tour this year after the release of her hit song “bon bon” and has kept it consistent with the release of her recent song “ndolo”.

In July this year , Blu rain entertainment issued an arrest order for Tino Foy of poise social and his alleged girl friend Joan ngomba of decoded TV for Plagiarism of The movie “A man for the weekend ” Produced by Syndy Emade  The two were locked up in a cell for days and this caused a lot of social media riot as differences in opinion divided fans into carious camps. While many castigated the actress and movie producer for being irrational and protested online for the release of the detainees, others held the opinion that her actions were right. Joan Ngomba and Tino Foy were however released days later and the incident had a grip on him as the poise writer could be seen ranting and quoting songs of lamentation for days.

The kamerfest due for Atlanta USA in september was a total flop.The winner of the fan pick didn’t make it to the event, the winner of the kamerfest music competition who was promised a song produced by Mccoy and video directed by Geraldrico didn’t receive his price.No single picture of the event has been seen and the organiser has long vanished from social media.

Popular bikutsi star Coco Argentee also experience bad moments in her career this year.  Her Europe Tour was cancelled in October and her name removed from the list of performer’s for the Javafest . This came as fall back from her engagements in political affairs during the elections as the Anti-sardinard gang swore to deal with every artiste who performed at the show organised by the president.

Still on the “sardinards” and socio-political related failures,Alpha better records and started a peace song project and apparently abandoned it halfway due to backlash from fans about the subject Matter of the song. After the release of the audio and pictures of the video shoot, fans have been waiting for the release of the video to no avail.

UK event organizer Napocite LeBlonde witnessed a number of failed events running from Locko’s Cancelled Show due to his signing event with Universal Music Africa and Tzy Panchack’s Show in Birmingham which had fans protesting for a refund after the organisers failed to deliver on time. This led to some demeaning revelations about the situation of the artist’s stay in the U.K. Tzy Panchak has however recorded overall success in his career this year as he became the first Cameroonian artist to tour three continents(Europe,America and Asia),released a couple of videos and featured on a hit song “my way” with Motherland’s Empire artiste Stanley Enow alongside singer Locko.

Last on our list is the multi-millionaire Cameroonian footballer Samuel Eto’o. Samuel Eto’s Promise to bring Rihanna to Cameroon for a Charity Concert in the wake of the CAN was thrown to the thrash can after CAF withdrew the tournament from Cameroon.  This seemed to be a failure which left many Cameroonians rather happy than sad.

Failures however is never a person but an event. We wish all our entertainers a successful and positive year ahead.

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