Europe Based Lady Places A Ban On “Bread And Sardine Artistes”

We will all agree that we live in a democracy where people are free to give their support to whoever they deem fit but that doesn’t seem to hold anymore with the present socio-political situation in Cameroon.We all remember the giant Biya concert that was offered on the Eve of the presidential elections and the controversies that arised there after. Most of the artistes who were enlisted to perform faced several criticisms and were labeled traitors,one of which is the beautiful Nabila who later made a public statement to say she didn’t intend to perform.

Weeks have passed,elections have come and gone,the incumbent president stays but pain and bitterness has remained in the hearts of many who aren’t  pleased with the present regime.

Europe based influencer- Salome Tchaptchet took to her facebook live to announce a Europe ban on all artistes who performed at the Biya’s concert. She said;

“Don’t come and collect the crumbs here to go and brag infront of Cameroonians,do your shows in Paul Biya’s room”.

A massive boycott has been planned ahead of K-Tino’s concert, they plan to invade and disrupt the concert.

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