Don’t Miss The Premiere Of the Movie “Shrill”, Produced by Soli Egbe

Buea, at Buea Shopping Mall, Mille 16

Green Sea Dynasty  presents “SHRILL“.Shrill is a movie about Four girls called LantineLaurineLinie and Cathy,who walk through the journey of life with different agendas, they forget to know that,success is not determined by the number of hearts you break, the enemies you make, reputations you ruin and the number of unions you wreck…The movie will be premiered in Buea, at Buea Shopping Mall, Mille 16 on the 5th of January, 2018.

Get your tickets now!
Standard: 5000Frs
VIP Single: 15.000Frs
VIP Couple: 25.000Frs
Infoline: +237 694035162

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