Fans fight over Jovi’s Recent Tweet

It is but normal to see fans fighting through comments on social media. As they saying goes; “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”, or better still, “what is good for ‘A’ is not necessary good for ‘B’, has been the case of a recent tweet Jovi made on his Tweeter page. Although we are not really clear about who he was referring to; what caught our attention is the fact that he promised fire; as always the case though come 2018. read for yourself on the screenshot below;

Top of the comments were:

XXX: “😂 always talking about future to have no result after…. Always talking about others 😂”

YYY: “Noise weh broke pipo like eh? ?? Pride and selfishness will kill Jovi’s talent.. is like his whole life revolves around new bell music.. keep on playing while your mates are making the money..”

ZZZ: Who told you he is not making money?

QQQ: “Next year, next year next. Since u start promise every year, you nova do anything. I be over believe in you from the start but you don’t impress me anymore. Step up your game bro, we hate to see u in the same position forever”.

DDD: “The mboko god himself. I like the grand. E know how for talk true”

KKK: “Ignorance can make some people really sound stupid.
Thumps up Jovi Lemonstre “

Thats just how the battle is, well 2018 is around the corner, no one is certain about what Jovi AKA mboko god is up to. but if its dropping some punch lines, then no doubt he is up for it. Not taking sides thou, lol…

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