Focus on Shura; Steven’s Music Entertainment signed Artist

Stephens Music has no time to waste. It has decided to strive and kick out any possible competition in order to stay in competition with itself. It happens to be one of the biggest record labels in the country with acts such as the sexy and successful Daphne, Boy Tag and the two new acts M Pro and our case study Shura. Her real names being Fru Shura Tatiana, from the North west Region happens to show and prove coming into the industry that she is a leader of 237 tomorrow. Her latest track under Stephens Music “Allez Dire” has got the population of Kamer talking and questioning the steady position of her co-female label artist Daphne.
She proves fears and is ready to conquer the industry no matter what..she is ready for the game. Being compared sometimes to her partner only make her stronger and more determined.
“I kinda like it cuz it makes me work hard striving to be like her if not more someday” she says. She is really of great help” says the young soloist. She has proven beyond reasonable doubt that she is up to the task and the label has also managed to see to it that she is being seen as part of the royal family she truly belong to as we see her song playing on top TV stations like Boom TV, Trace Africa and other TV and radio stations and also achieving very good YouTube recognition. We may have Daphne now but we are still sure of having Shura in the future. Stephens Music has proven to believe in the theory of “youths of today, leaders of tomorrow”.
We believe so much in the young talented artist and hope to hear from her soonest and Muzee is here to lead you all through the way of her growth and wish her the best..
Continue to watch and enjoy her latast hit Allez Dire below;

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