Mostly we get slapped with the idea that every woman in the entertainment industry must use sex to take her to the top but meeting Sanchez, we get to reconsider.
Sidjou Sanchez Bessem Djomajeu, born in 1998 is a beautiful and multi talented young entertainer whom we just discovered and have plans of exploiting her fabulous skills. She started as an actress at a very tender age but got a big break being casted in a series on CRTV “All Ventures” season 2 in 2017. She decided to pursue this dream taking part in many other projects in Mamfe, her home town and theater plays in UB. She has been referred to by the Kamer gorgeous actress Soli Egbe as her daughter in the industry. Despite her schooling schedule in Douala, she still tries to follow her dream.

Barely five months ago, she realized there is more she can offer the industry so took the bold step venturing into vixening and is currently the face of TEVI’S COOKOUT, a vixen and dancing agency in Buea. In this short period of time, she has been seen in videos like “Mon Gout” by X Maleya ft Minks, “Jeunne Artist” by Wambs, “Bouge ton Corp” by Gima ft Manefrieni, and many other projects still to be released. “I believes in hard work, focus, punctuality and obedience so those who think sex is the answer definitely don’t have such principles” says the beautiful Sanchez. She is slowly and gradually penetrating the industry and may be the next Caprice Audrey in the making. There is no doubt that she is just getting started and there is no slowing her down. With all these,she still has passion for music and is a good artist which she will take up soon when the time is right.
We believe so much in this young talent and trust her to always give us the best.She is ready to work with anyone. For any bookings, contact her agency TEVI’S COOKOUT on Facebook, Instagram for details.
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  1. Thats an awesome move BESSEM SANCHEZ. the world has got apot of beaiutiful things yet undiscovered. It takes only determination and hard work to see them and realise them ..God most high and mighty is washing You as you never fail to glorify and exhaust is holy name… Wishing you sky limits….. 💯💲💲🔺🎵🎶⏯️📶🔆📳

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