“I am the Kanye West in this Cameroon entertaintment industry” Merlin Caren says as he vents his anger on Cameroonian celebrities

There had been much talk about the silence of celebrities on the ongoing crisis in the anglophone regions of the country. After so much pressure from fans (so they say) a majority of the “A” artists; Salatiel, Nahbilla, Ko-c, Blanche Bailley, Magasco, Mr. Leo, Minks, Pit Baccardi and Edi Le Drae joined their voice to come up with  a peace song.

There was also a massive social media campaign with peace messages by a host of other artists.

Many fans and critics have argued that “We Need Peace” came too late, others stating that the messages contradicted the situation of the ongoing crisis and one those people is the popular video director Merlin Caren.

He took to his Facebook page to expose some ills within the entertainment industry and even went further to say Cameroonian celebrities are hypocrites and only talked about the crisis because it has an adverse effect on them since it affected the center of showbiz Buea.

See a screen grap of his post below,  watch the song on youtube and drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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