Is 1 Million FCFA francs Too Expensive To Shoot A Great Music Video?

Upcoming Cameroonian Artists Scream about Dr Nkeng Stephen’s alarming Music video prices.

For your music video to carry the CPE logo in the beginning and Dr Nkeng Stephens at the end is a great fortune nowadays in  our still growing Cameroon music industry. If we were to give out respect to where it’s due, then we can crown Dr Nkeng Stephens as if not the best, but one of the top music video directors and filmmakers Cameroon is blessed with. Some fans call him  Cameroon’s very own Clarence A. Peters. This is as a result of his very high quality moving pictures and creativity.

Non the less, Cameroonian Artistes are not happy with video directors who charge 1 Million FCFA francs and above to shoot a music video,especially the “upcoming artists”. Some complained about the price Nkeng Stephens charges them to shoot their videos.Earlier today,the Award winning Video Director Dr. Nkeng Stephens took to his Facebook account to ask the public “if 1 Million is too expensive to do a great video?” He also tagged some of his colleagues.Some commentators gave in their different views


and we came to find out that the video for “Qu’est Ce Qui N’a pas Marché” by Salatiel, Mr. Leo, Askia and Blaise B. Was shot for free by Nkeng Stephens.Alpha Better boss Salatiel revealed that.

The screenshot below shows the bitterness some upcoming artiste have for the video directors in general, very harsh words were spoken.

We will love to know what our readers think about it, Is 1 Million FCFA Francs too expensive to shoot a great music video ? Please share your thoughts with us on the comment section below…

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