Is MutZig Star Shithole????

Recently, social media has been filled with messages portraying anger between the 237 population at large and the brazzeries brewery (including the Mutzig star administrators) Many people are asking themselves who is this VANESSA trending all over media.

Monjoa Vanessa born in September 1995 who currently resides in the South West Region of Cameroon, started her professional music career in 2013 by the release of a her debut single which was produced by Salatiel, at the tender age of 18.


Late last year, she took part in a Music competition called the Mutzig Star Music Competition. The competition organized by the Cameroon national brewery Brazeries Du Cameroun. She emerged the winner and was entitled to a prize package of the following:-

• A trophy

• A brand new car.

• One MILLION francs (1 000 000 CFA)

• The recording and producing of her whole album by Salatiel (The Boss of Alpha Beta)

• The shooting of a professional HD video by Dir Nkeng Stephens.

• Promotion of the song on Trace Africa and Canal 2 International.

• Twenty (20) 33cl traps of the Mutzig beer.

Since the competition, she has only received a trophy.

It is very heartbreaking to her, her loved ones and her fans. Moreover, also the prizes for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th, have not been awarded.
This is 4 months down the line thus leading to people questioning the credibility of a new competition launched by The retournees project, still spear headed by Dir Nkeng Stephens and Mr Leo (from Alpha Beta)

Its no surprise as lovers of music and especially her fans have taken upon themselves to launch a campaign as to ridicule Le Brasseries Du Cameroun to keep to their promise. Numerous Cameroon celebrities and her fans are endorsing this campaign with the hashtag PayVanesaa (#PayVanessa)

According to you, What should be done???

Feel free to comment below…

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