Meet Chu Sharon; the amazing Makeup artist who has been changing the game

We watch music videos,movies,see beautiful faces on red carpet events, constantly praising those we see but greatly refuse to recognize those who make these faces worth our appreciation. Makeup has infact been able to bring out and enhance beauty, create fake wounds, transform a young to an old etc and has also been able to be taken up in the the 237 industry as a career…

Today, we meet a very beautiful, charming and talented young lady Chu Sharon who happens to be a professional makeup artist based in Buea. This talent has been into makeup professionally for two years now and some of her works can be seen in music videos such as NoSlipNgang, July, weddings, and a series of photo shoots such as her work with NK designs, just to name a few.

In a “CloseUp” with her, she explains “Makeup is everything. It’s ma passion. It makes me feel like it’s the only thing i should be doing. To summarize, makeup is ma addiction…” Chu is one of a kind and just like they say, good things never hide. She is a very flexible and reliable worker and will deliver professionally whenever and wherever.

Her contact:+237676017060

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