Meet Ndamo Damarise; the new name in the Kamer Film Industry

Ndamo Damarise born on 5th May early 1990’s, is a fast rising Cameroonian actress and an ambassador for “Lifestyle” (Organization for Female hygiene by PEP Africa). She is the last daughter of Kere Ndamo Andrew Nto and Kere Gladys Nchifie, having 5 siblings who have all been her great support system in her journey as an actress.
The dynamic Cameroonian icon ,after making her acting débût in 2015 with a minor role in a Tv series “RUMBLE” by Billy Bob, established herself in the Cameroon Film Industry with a supporting role in the Award (Golden Movie Awards) winning Tv Series “SAMBA” by Omega One Entertainment in 2016…Starring alongside the Nollywood entertainer Helen Paul.

After playing a blinder (very impressive performance) in that Tv series ,Ndamo Damarise began dealing with bigger movie contracts as this paved her way the following year to a higher platform ; earning a Lead role in the high budget Hit TV series “APPLE FOR TWO” by Omega One Entertainment,Playing alongside international bankable actors: Emeh Bishop and Nadia Buari.
Her undeniably excellent delivery and versatility in playing a villain,a psychopath,a seductress and a supposed loving school daughter as her character demands, gained her another Lead role that same year in her first feature film “WARD ZEE” by Itambi Delphine still featuring a Nollywood legend Norbert Young.

The Cameroonian actress has been very prominent for her great works in the industry, devotedness, and her profound mastery of both English and French as she interpretes a role in French in the Award (Ecrans noir) winning movie “LIFEPOINT” by Nkanya Nkwai. She has also featured in a couple of comedy skits by Dilong Entertainment, proving herself to be a Virtuoso in the acting game.
Ndamo Damarise is equally very passionate about her dreams… starting from portraying several characters infront of a mirror during her secondary days ,performing drama pieces,staging, singing,and other forms of entertainment as she was elected the social prefect to now working on-the-job experience…is indeed fulfilling to say she is a born star.

Her uniqueness,simplicity,faith in God as she says ” Everything I am today ,I owe it to God because I am nothing without HIM ” makes her outstanding!! Furthermore her groovy fashion sense and impeccable beauty qualifies her as one of the Top 5 most beautiful Cameroonian actresses.
Outside her film career, Ndamo Damarise is a graduate from the university of Buea with BA in Combined honors English and French (#beauty and brains) which gives her great room to exercise her good communication skills in motivational speaking to inspire those who look up to her.In other words,she perceives herself as advocate to defend, sensitize,motivate and help her community …the world at large.She also possesses good leadership skills to build and nurture young talents so they can equally achieve their dreams “the right way”.
According to Damarise,acting should be more of instinctive, innate than conditioned.It should be creative and able to convey a message through proper interpretation of character.
It’s said that every born star has a role model , this diva has Elung Brenda, Anurine Nwunembom,Tebo Njie, Enah Johnscott and Tyler Pery whom she has always dreams to work with…She says” I am ready for the international market “
This actress is super talented as she’s considering screenplay writing and producing in the subsiquent years… She already started with her innovative storytelling concept titled “Amanda’s Cross ” based on female sexual violence and stigma, which will be followed by its short film in 2018 written and produced by her.
Ndamo Damarise is indeed a formidable force to reckon with in the Film industry


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