Mic Monsta delivers A spectacular Live perfomance at the Douala Hip Hop festival 2017

Cameroonian Rapper Mic Monsta delivered his first ever Live Performance in his Life cycle as an artist at the  Douala Hip Hop Festival on Thursday the 14th of December. The Cameroonian Rapper who is believed to be riding Solo at the moment Wowed the Audience as he performed most of the songs off his Mic Monsta The EP project.

The Public was very responsive as the crowd  joined in chanting majority of the songs he performed.  Mic in his performance further confirmed his exit from kreef after he changed the lyrics of Fear from

Kreef Got my Back to K-Town Get my Back.

Mic got a positive response from a lot of fans and fellow artists  such that after his performance he vowed never to do playback again if going  live is an alternative.  His dancers helped to spice up his performance. Mic has got more music on the way, will he fire shots at Kreef?… Only time will tell

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