In the beginning of the year, we realised that we as the 237 industry are self-centered. We decided to maximize on teamwork, emulating this virtue from the Nigerian music industry, but still we are still aback when it comes to Hard Work.

One renown musician (who has been underground) when asked for the definition of Show-Business, she illustrated that Show-Business is the act of doing business in direct relation with the show. The two work hand-in-hand.

Most (if not all) of the 237 artists work hard in an underground level. The problem comes once they make a buzz. An artists will give good hits but once he/she blows, a “spirit of laziness” takes over. A renown Kamer artist said that, “it’s just that am too busy.”

Honestly, if we consider ourselves too busy to even improve on our source of daily bread, then we are worser than fools. Take for example Naija’s Davido:-

• He is currently Africa’s no. 1 musician.
• He has more sophisticated shows than most of our so called “celebrities” which run on a daily.

Even with all these, he still works harder. Prove is that his latest song always outshines the previous one. In a month, he releases at least 5 songs (including collaboz) He has been one of the most consistent artists Africa has ever known.

When we come back to Kamer, we realise that even the crème-de-la-creme of our industry, find it hard to outshine their debut hit songs.

If we want to take over the African industry, we have to go the extra mile. Showbiz is business. The same way an emeritus professor struggles to build his career, is the same way an artist should struggle to build his/her career.

Believe in hard work and success will come running after you.


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