Yes Nina Mbunwe has always warned never to be called a “model” but rather a “nude model”  but we see the professional side of her when she proves it’s all about the showbiz part and not only about the passion part. 
  The public was so unsure of what the outcome of her partnership with 44Pic could be but she is grossly applauded for her amazing performance and attitude as she poses as a model for Shabatan’s latest concept. These two great minds and artists have two very parallel ideologies but managed to combine both to bring out a unique “masterpiece “.
Shutting down the dating rumors,  44Pic says during an interview with Muzee, ” i am a photographer and ma vision is in ma head. What you may see out is the reflection of that vision and i believe there is more in Nina that we don’t know yet and i am just one of the steps to discovering the giant in her….”
Well it may not be a “bad girl gone good” kind of story but it’s definitely an art work that may will be use to reflect in lots of messages and we see history in the making. 
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