Popular kamer Afro-pop duo “July allegedly separate over a Girl!!!

It is quite rampant for members of a band to part ways. Sometimes the urge of tasting success as a solo artist is the tool to bands splitting. Take the case of Destiny’s Child of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle. In other cases, the split is as a result of squabbles as the case of P-Square of Peter and Paul. On our local scene, and as rumors has it, the popular afro-duo JULY have allegedly parted ways because of a girl. Though its still very unclear and the identity of the said girl still undisclosed, certain actions have pushed us to think its no rumor but reality

1) The whatsapp group “walai na July” has become “July Jey Fam” says a reliable source.

2) July Walez updated on fb recently that he is changing to “TATA”

3) All public appearances such as “The Bala disturbing tour” to be made this month has suddenly been cancelled.

In a close-up interview between Muzee and the Manager of July, Tevi Marie, she insisted and we quote “thanks for bringing out the fact that its only a rumor. I wont answer any questions in regards to July’s rumor separation until further notice”. Though the entire Dreamzline Entertainment is yet to send out an official statement , we are following  the developments surrounding this super split. We wanna be sure if the cause of the alleged split is over money or a girl. Stay tuned to Muzee for the latest gists

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