Let’s introduce you to this amazing talent Apang Serge commonly known as Yung Maitre born on the 3rd of October 1996.
This young talent has been in the entertainment world for the longest time as he started as a dancer on an Equinox which showcases talents during his secondary school days at GHS Batoke Limbe. He later got into photo modeling and is now the co-founder of the efficient record label TribesMenMusic where he is a recording artist under. He has done tracks like “All man don kass” produced and featured by the Coco Boy Gima Jackson, Spike Dee, and Lil Chris. He also did a cover for Tenor’s mega hit Purple Lamborghini where we realize he is a very fast rapper too. Yung Maitre has nailed shows in Bamenda where he appears on stage and shuts it down alongside the beautiful “Makongwo” Queen Liya. Apart from being so talented,he indulges in charity acts too as there have been several occasions of him visiting orphanages and donating to the less fortunate. He has passed on many shows not forgetting his interview on HELLO on the National Tv station CRTV.
TMM is currently re-branding and we can’t wait for their comeback. During a close interview with him, he tells Muzee “we are here for the people and those who believe in us so we will try our best not to disappoint them”. There is more behind this young talent and Muzee is always here to give u details of his life…
Yung Maitre

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