[Audio + Download]: Bonzyz ft Richard kings – Find A Way (Prod By CFX & AreaKiller)


Bonzyz and Richard Kings met some months back came up with this unique piece of art. According to Richard Kings, he found it unbelievable that he was recording on a Rap Beat. But then he said he was charmed by Bonzyz‘s track, Kupshi ( The cultured most unique hip hop track and music video ever inspired, composed , recorded, produced and directed in Cameroon and featuring 9 Traditional rulers from Cameroon).

Due to this perfect blend both artists decided to team up ro release, Find a Way which is a song in multiple languages, Lamso , Limbum and English and also with different moods and emotions is produced by Two of Cameroons greatest Music engineers legendary Nyambi Edwin @CFX Musica Cameroon and Area Killer also known as Kiloh.

Bonzyz in his lyrical wisdom , poetic strength and artistic mastery paints the picture and Richard Kings in his Divine, legendary and humanitarian voice cries out to individuals , leaders , and Nations to find a way to heal the world. The clock is ticking, We are losing space and and time and above all we are losing people – families, friends , colleagues and citizens. Lets wise up and rise up, Find A Way . Download , enjoy and share with someone.

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