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Stay Clean Empire is happy to announce the second release of another “Hit Track” Tiltled “Ma Head Di Hot”. The track is featuring the first signed act of the label by name “Wa Gwan”. He is a born Cameroonian, precisely @ Nitop 1, Mankon Bamenda Town Center. Before this hit track, he hast dropped other major hits back in his home town like, “Stay Clean ft Lesley Churchill” found on this link (https://soundcloud.com/wa-gwan/breezy-alt-churchill-stay-clean) which is the anthem song of the label in which the official video for that hit shall follow before this year runs out. He has also dropped “Nobe Say I Ova Bad” which visuals can be found here 

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjSrG_IoYV8), An Afro Hit song with “The Picos” titled “Sugar Daddy”
“No Tang” ft Gee Reign (R.I.P) which can be played here 
and more which are can be all found on his Soundcloud profile on this link below
So the record label is sure of massive growth as they prepare to be 1 year old next year Feb 1st 2019. Ma Head Di Hot is a Hit track written and composed, recorded and performed by Wa Gwan. The track only encourages our youths and parents to stay strong during this struggle not matter how bad it gets, we shall survive because we were all born to win. That the situation back home universally affects us all in way or the other. So no matter what lets get our head up and stay focus because no matter how dark the night is, we shall see day light, for God’s Time, man can not change a thing. 
      You can also listen to Ma Head Di hot by clicking this link
Stay Clean Empire is looking to work with other artists who share common vision and they are promising all sincere fans to keep their fingers crossed, they shall make sure only hits are are sent to the fans. 
       The official music Video for this Hit shall follow on the 9th of August 2018 and a month after, another Hit shall follow with Title, “Realest In This Shit” to crown themselves as “Best” in the City of Bamenda and Country at large. This record shall not be any kind of record, it has the unstoppable force of exposing the reality of hard work, combine with creative art, which will also clearly explains the real story why Wa Gwan is the best in his city and country at large in his brand of music. Stay Clean Empire is the label and Wa Gwan is the Artist, Follow us on social medial on the following links…
Instagram: @wagwan_boy @staycleanempire
Tweeter: @wagwanking
Facebook: Wa Gwan
Snap Chat: wgwanking
Meanwhile, you can enjoy Wa Gwan’s banger tittled “Fearless” by hitting this link below;
“Patience can cook a stone, never give up”

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