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Dohsekafover Blaise Fanka artistically known as Fanka is a young, vibrant and energetic multitalented Afro pop
rapper. Born on 6 of March 1989 and hails from the grass field region of Cameroon in Bamenda precisely from
Banso .He grew up from the age of 3 in Garoua where he attended both the primary and secondary schools. He
got into rap while in secondary school and it was a major distraction to his education.
After his Advanced Level, he left Garoua and his family to realize his music career. Went through Douala,
and Yaounde doing free styles here and there and finally ended in Bamenda late 2009 where he was noticed by
Bahood Records. Fanka raps in English, French, fulfude ,lamnso and pidgin languages with a unique blend.
Since 2010, he has been working endlessly and has release 2 singles, Njoka and Pa Boi with Bahood
Studios and finally signed with Bahood Records in December 2015.
His first official single ‘Ndzama’ produced by DJ Spee was released in January 2016 and the song was talking
about the daily struggles in a country where non seem to be working right and everybody needs something, be it
reward or bribe (Ndzama). The mega single Ndzama went viral and got the song of the year at the New Breed
Africa Award and so many recognition with the Video still trending on TVs and on YouTube.
After the successful release of his first single Ndzama which was the street Anthem, Here comes another
official single of Fanka. This new official Single is titled Ma Story and produced by Mr. L who doubles as the
C.E.O of Bahood Records. The song is telling the story of a young talented artist in the midst of a music
industry filled with Mafia, Pride, Lies telling and backstabbing. Even with all these huddles, he is sure of going
to the top and bypassing them with his hard work and commitment.
My Story has been released exclusively on Muzee Play and Bahood Records Official YouTube Chanel. You
can listen, download, enjoy and share for free at;

You can also get his other tracks at;


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