STANLEY ENOW THE 237 KING KONG, True or false???

I remember when Hein Pere was released 5 years ago, it was a breath taker which earned him not only a huge fan base but also great respect as far as HipHop is concerned. He started doing international collaborations with artists like Nyanda, Fuse Odg, Sakordie, Ice Prince, AKA and he even wrote his name on the books as the 1st Cameroonian to scoop the MAMA awards in 2015 as best new act, immediately the same year he crowned himself “King Kong.” The question is did he truly prove himself as a King Kong, or was he just beating his chest???

Recently he started singing with very little or no appreciation from the fans at large. Some rappers stood up to him (actually rap is controversial) but he never replied as a ‘King Kong’ does when threatened. He did a collaboration with Africa’s superstar Davido ‘Caramel’, shockingly it has not really been loved despite his tireless efforts to promote it. He even traveled to countries such as South Africa, Uganda and others with the sole purpose of promoting the song, the results how ever were not appealing. It currently has less
than 500 000 YouTube views, ranking it among one of Davido’s weakest collaboration for 2017.

This year, he dropped the MI refix which I must confess was great but when he dropped Elle Est La questions arose as to whether he’s a singer or a rapper. What do you think??

Can Stanley Enow prove us wrong this year???
Is he truly the 237 King Kong???

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