The AWU saga part 1

Lately there has been a scandal between Cameroon based artist Awunganyi Aka Awu Sing Song and Plaza Music, the record label to which he is signed.

The untold part of the story goes thus;

Awu is undoubtedly a force to reckon with when it comes to musical talent. But one thing some artists lack and Awu in particular is character. You can’t do it all by yourself. That’s why you need a team, to consolidate your potentials and have it produce fruits.

Owing to the fact that Awu was so talented, a business tycoon in Bamenda fell in love with his art and opted to raise the bar by sponsoring him and helping to attain the level of a successful artist in Cameroon and Africa. After spending millions on Awu for almost two years, the sweet story turn sour after the Sidomina remix ft Stanley Enow whose audio and video production was sponsored by Plaza Music .We got rumours that some other music labels both home and abroad were interested to work with him and promised him a better deal .  AWU saw himself thereafter as a “superstar”and started doing things contrary to the agreement he had . He went ahead to release a song without informing the label.

On many occasions AWU has gone public to say that he doesn’t have any engagement with a  record label and is open to deals.During an online interview with Kamerlink Magazine  he said Plaza Music was not going his way so he has decided to do things on his own.

Earlier today , a communique was published from the legal representative of Plaza Entertainment , the Record label under which Awu released his Hit song Sidomina . This document is with respect to a Breach of contract of musical production , performance and all forms of musical Entertainment . In the document signed by Micheal Soh Esq , of Covenant Chambers , it is stipulated that The Artist Awu has reneged the terms of his contract with Mr. DONGMO N. VICTOR who is the owner of Plaza music entertainment . The publication further warns the entire public and stake holders not to deal with the Artist or get into Any dealings with him or get liable to Legal actions.

We will not go  into details of all these but point should be noted that most Young and  promising artistes in Cameroon only remain “quarter artists” because of these sorts of behavior. They never see the big picture. To be a successful musician is the job of a team. The music is less than 20% of the business and you still need 80% to be successful. Being talented doesn’t guarantee you any success. You need managers, investors, and many other people on the team to see the light. You can’t be a company of your own. It’s a collective effort.
Don’t scare away potential sponsors in this industry.
We do hope artist sit up and learn to grow on the shoulders of others .

Watch out for Part Two.

Watch our for Part Two .

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  1. Muzee as of mow you are the only media reporting on this i think. why dont you live broadcast Awu on facebook so he can tell us his own side of the story??

  2. Just statw the story as it is. Do not report with bias as a media personality. Your story is so one-sided and you already concluded. You have shown a document from the chambers. Good. Now get a sitdown with Awu and get his side of the story. Do not get biased after a mere document and a mere online interview from Awu. He must have a reason why he is backing out of millions. Stick to the story and leave the public to judge. That is bad publishing.

    • We have been in contact with both parties so everything you see on that article is absolutely correct . He can prove us otherwise in a live session .

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