Knowing the famous and beautiful actress and model Syndy Emade for her astonishing taste in style and fashion,we could not help but ask what happened at FIAFA. She bounces back from her semi wardrobe malfunction during FIAFA, adjusting this mistake during the movie premier of “Little Cyndy” in Buea last Friday.
Walking the red carpet with her protégé Ngala Cynthia at FIAFA, Emade wore a semi violet gown which somehow made her look pregnant. While a lot of fans could not figure out her outfit, they could not help but compare her with the beautiful Ngala who stood by her with a long overflow grey shiny gown which made her look exceptionally gorgeous that night. Questions like “is Ngala Cynthia now better than her industry mother?” Popped up.

The superstar Emade Syndy realizes this and takes a turn by appearing on the movie premier of “Little Cyndy” with a black barbie like gown and a small complementary hair Vail. She looked so flawless and gorgeous and her fans bounced back by saying that is the Syndy they all know and love, who has an outstanding taste in fashion and has never disappointed them during any red carpet appearance since they knew her.

We love that the Cameroon film diva is not letting her guards and her fans down and we pray she continues being an ambassador of style and glam….

#Muzee got her back

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