The Mystery Behind 44 Pics and Nina Mbunwe’s Relationship

Few days ago,the famous Maestro Shabatan popularly known as 44 Pictures, a Buea based photographer was rubbed at his place at check point by men of the underworld. Reportedly, the said rubbers made away with a lot including his cameras, hard drive and a huge sum of money.
Nina on the other hand has strictly prohibited being called a “Model”. She emphasis on the fact that she is a “Nude Model” and that aspect has greatly been justified by her photos.
What catches our attention is the fact that two days after 44’s rubbery, he is seen with Nina and they both seem to be working on some kind of project so we begin to wonder, does 44 pictures now do nudes too or is the bad girl Nina suddenly turning good? Some people speculate they are in are in a relationship while others think they both want to undertake a re-branding process.
Statistically, 44 pictures has a brand (Non Nude) which we all know is contrary to that of Nina (Nude) and brows are raised when they both deny to speak about their sudden relationship when asked and 44 pics insists his private life be kept private.
Are these two dating? Could it be a deal for him not to loose his spot as one of the best in the industry after he lost almost everything? We will never know untill proven but whatever it may be, we anxiously can’t wait for the end result of their new found relationship.
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