Top Ten Kamer Video Directors

1) Dr. Nkeng Stephens 
This guy has been topping the video directing game in the country. This video magician based in Buea has been the man behind the anything music which leaves Cameroon to other countries, am talking Daphne E.N.Mr. Leo – ArtistSalatiel Sala’aBlaise B – Artiste, Magasco, Blanche BaillyASKIAAmbeBig G babaX-Maleya and many more. its even worst now with many artist who used to work with other directors are now drifting towards Nkeng. This guy is hot cake, even stanley Enow now does most of his videos with Nkeng. Dr Nkeng is the boss of CPE (Cameroon Phase Of Entertainment).
Fun fact: Nkeng Stephens used to be an artist himself going by the name “flames”

2) NS Pictures
While not a single person, Ns Pictures Officiel is a video production house in Cameroon.They have directed so many hit songs from artist such as DUC-Z ArtisteMacase OfficielPit BaccardiMic Monsta OfficialMagascoNa Mi Nami CyrusLOCKOMicheal kiessouNumerica etc. their visual quality is stunning and most of their jobs are done within the country

3) Adah Akenji
Directing hit songs such as Kaba Ngondo, Adah has successfully branded himself into a unique category which easily separates him from any other video director. apart from music directing, he is also a singer, songwriter and producer.

4) Shamak Allharamadji 
This guy needs no introduction. with more than 7 years of experience, he had his big break in Stanley Enow Official‘s Hein Pere. Although his consistency in video directing has dropped, anytime he turns on his camera, know a hit is dropping

5) Mr Adrenaline
Obenson christopher began aspiring to do video directing since 2006 and was the first person to start real business as a music video director in Buea. Directing for Franco, Ewube OfficialTzy PanchakMr. Leo – ArtistKOPPOPetit PaysSkidi BooyDon Shell, Escola and many more. Anytime you see “Na Mr. Adrenaline Directam”, know something is up, even though real fans are beginning to question his output and creativity over the years.

6) Feb16th
Also known as Ndukong. he is the main director at New Bell Music. He also won the prize for his short film in a contest “we are water film festival/short film category, Spain”. He is believed to be a creative genius, even though many would still love to see him put in more work on his quality and also do videos for other artists.

7) Mr tcheck 
Being the CEO of Sky-star films, this guy has worked with some of the biggest names in the 237 music industry including FrankoFeaturist and many others. he also won best video director at the Green Light Awards2017.

8) Regis Talla 
You cant ignore this guy when you think of Maahlox Officiel. his style of directing is so unique that more artist are queuing to have their videos directed by him especially if you have a flare for naked ladies

9) Geradrico Gueverra
28yr old Nforche Gerald also known as Geradrico Gueverra hails from Bda. NW Region. Drawing pics and cartoons at a young age it was certain he had a thing for the art. his works include artist like Benzil, KIKOHNeglect BuriLaster Gang – Mada fucker , Lil Ponda, etc.

10) Yonka 
From NW Region, Herbet Yonka is the CEO of his brand Yonka Films. Done videos for artist such as MontessBenZilRexxy Baba, etc. Being a self trained guy as he popularly calls himself, his art can’t be snubbed when you talk of good directors in the country. one of his videos won an award at the Afrimma Awards (Montess)

This is our count down for the ten best Video Directors of Kamer looked like. We are ready for all your thoughts in the comment sections below!!


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