Tzy Panchak’s Show in Birmingham Turns out a huge Fail

According to some fans who were present at Tzy Panchak’s s show in Birmingham,the show was a huge fail!Fans blame the show organiser Napocite LeBlondnoir.

Tzy who reportedly arrived the venue of the show towards the end was given poor reception and no proper introduction. Fans were only notified about his entry when the Dj played his song “am not lucky” and the artiste performed for less than 10 minutes.

Fans blame the poor outcome of the show on the event organiser who was reportedly busy with selling drinks when Tzy angrily exited the show.Close sources say, the organiser lodged Tzy in a cheaper hotel in the outskirts of Birmingham which is a 40 minutes drive away from town and the artist had to move around in an Uber.

There have been similar instances  where artistes aren’t given proper reception by event organisers both home and abroad . Cameroonian artistes deserve better treatment. It is worthy to note that Cameroonian singer Blaise B who was announced to perform at thesame show failed to travel to Birmingham and no public statement has been made as to why the artist didn’t perform.

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