[VIDEO] #FACTS(My Story)

Dohsekafover Blaise Fanka artistically known as FANKA is a young diverse talented artist, vibrant and energetic. He is much of a rapper signed to Bahood records, but his diversity in music can make you think otherwise. He has a good mastery of the game and this can been seen in the huge success of his maiden release #Ndzama under Bahood Records. This first official single ‘ Ndzama’ produced by DJ Spee was released in January 2016 and the song was talking about the daily struggles in a country where non seem to be working right and everybody needs something, be it reward or bribe (Ndzama). The mega single Ndzama went viral and got the Best Rap song of the year at the New Breed Africa Award 2017 and so many recognition with the Video still trending on TVs and on YouTube with more than 20,000 views. FANKA aka Bahood soldier extends his music to another level on stage as a true soldier and a stage monster with a bright future in the music scene and as a showbiz pride of 237. He is testifying the ups and downs in the music industry in his new single #FACTS(My Story). He spits out the facts in the reality realm while telling his fans and haters that he will end up as a legend with his name written on the World Map. This new official Single titled #FACTS (Ma Story) is produced by Mr. L who doubles as the C.E.O of Bahood Records and the video is co-directed by Nji (ABSTRACT TORTS) and BigBora of Bahood Records. Make sure to get yourself entertained by watching and hearing the story of a young talented artist in the midst of a music industry filled with Mafia, Pride, Lies telling and backstabbing yet he is going to the top and bypassing them with his hard work and commitment. My Story audio have been trending with much plays and downloads on Muzee Play and Bahood Records Official YouTube Chanel and now You can watch, download, enjoy and share for free the exotic video of #FACTS(My Story) by FANKA below ;

and You can listen and download the audio at
http://www.muzeeplay.com/songs/ma-story or through the Muzee App on google play store
You can also get his other tracks at;
#Dzemo Fanka #Wan nsai nso #BahoodSoldier

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