Ambe × Magasco × Blanche Bailly × Salatiel ×Mr. Leo ×Askia × Blaise B × Tzy Panchak × Boy Tag- Na for bafut remix(Bonne Annee)

Ambe, Salatiel, Mr. Leo, ASKIA, Blaise B, Boy TAG, Tzy Panchak, Magasco    1,405

Ambe,Magasco,Blanche Bailly,Mr. Leo,Boy Tag,Blaise B,Tzy Panchak,Askia and Salatiel collaborate to bring the video of ‘na for Bafut(Bonne annee)’  as we get into the festive period.

The video comes to mark the end of a three year musical project which went from the song’s original video to the all star remix audio and now the beautiful video directed by Adah Akenji, Dr. Nkeng Stephens,R. Talla and Mr. Tcheck.

Enjoy,comment and share with friends and family as you wish them a merry christmas and happy new year.

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