Wax Dey Discloses The reason Why The Video Of Realm Squad Was taken down

Nde Ndifonka popularly known by his stage name Wax Dey on a facebook live session on Muzee explained why the video of ‘c’est la vie’ by Realm Squad was taken down from Youtube. The talented duo parted ways with Lolhiphop music after disagreements on the terms of contract binding both parties.In effect to this, Realm Squad had to pay a sum of 3 million francs (discount of the 50.000.000 Fcfa which they were supposed to pay) without which all materials released in the name of Realm Squad will be taken down in 24hours.

Wax Dey explained that until people learn to take to order,the Cameroonian music industry will never grow. He said many artist are very impatient and that is why artists like Stanis and Roqzen have not made any significant progress in their careers after they left Calabash music. In his own words he said;

“If you have never invested money on an artist don’t talk to me”.

Wax Dey said he is not bothered about people criticising the decision he took because they are not in his shoes and will never understand.

The phenomenal singer and business man added that he is not  affected in any way when people say he is not talented. He went further to announce his upcoming release which is a collaboration with Locko and Mr Leo


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