Welcome to KamerFEST! 2018

Introducing Kamer Urban Music to the World

Come September 2018 ten of Kamer’s finest artists will be in Atlanta, Georgia USA rubbing shoulders with Music Execs, Artists, Actors and Professional Athletes. This is the initiative of the Atlanta-based Cameroonian Entrepreneur, DB Ndip, CEO of LUX Atlanta.
KamerFEST is a three day event during which the artists from Cameroon will get to perform live in front of key elements of the American Entertainment Industry. This is set to be an annual event with the first edition taking place this year 14 – 16 September 2018.
The list of the top artists to travel to Atlanta for the festival has not yet been made public but we do know the winner of the Fan Pick Contest!!!
Wan Shey of Sabiboy Records!!!
Congratulations Wan Shey. He will be participating in KamerFEST.
Here is the program of the festival
KamerFEST Day 1:
A. KamerFEST Meet & Greet
KamerFEST Artists get to enjoy an exclusive Meet & Greet with American Public Figures that include Recording Artists, Actors, and Professional Athletes… in an Atlanta Mansion!
B. KamerFEST Cypher
The Cypher…on an original 237 beat… take places during the Celebrity Meet and Greet…
KamerFEST Day 2:
KamerFEST Artists….perform LIVE… on Stage!

KamerFEST Day 3:

A Day Spent doing Media Interviews and other Media-Related Activities…not only with African Media…but American Media too!

KamerFEST is a fresh breath on the Cameroon music industry, as it will show case the Cameroon talent to the western world. The industry which suffers from lack of proper exposure, promoters and sponsors will definitely experience a change after this festival.
Who knows what the artists might gain from such international exposure and the connections that will be made…

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