Wrong Ways To Handle The Vagina


I may not have been in your bathroom but I know that one body part you constantly worry about is your vagina. While taking a bath, you want to wash your vagina like it’s the most dirtiest part of your body. You spray perfume, deodorant, and powder just to make your vagina smell good; some of these practices are not healthy. For some, it is the constant discharge with a terrible odor.

I know you want to take care of your vagina, but there are some  wrong ways to do that ;

God being so kind gave a lady every single hormone and secretion she need to function as a woman.All she needs is to apply simple basic hygiene of keeping the area clean, and making sure that undigested food substances doesn’t find its way to the vagina. Washing with medicated soap, scrubbing with sponge, fingering with your hand will only do more harm to your vagina than good.

The amazing thing about the vagina is the fact that it needs air more than any other thing.
Air to the vagina is like air to our nostrils, the natural floral, the ph level, and every other aspect of the vagina is well taken care of when your allow your vagina to breathe some fresh air. Yeast infections are at a minimal when you stop moisture in your vaginal area.
So after the days job, take a good shower, and spread your legs wide for your vagina to receive fresh air.
If you are the type that wears your pant to bed, you’re not kind to your vagina.

I know that we’re in a world where every woman wants a perfect body.
No hair in the pubic region, no secretion in the vagina, no odour, and a very tight vagina.
The reality is that by applying all those chemicals, you overcharge your vagina with chemicals and make it struggle to discover identity. A good number of these over-the-counter things end up creating more problems for women.
Wax and shave your pubic region instead of using hair removal cream that may find its way into your vagina. Every vagina has its unique smell; you can’t find it in the market.

4. Lack of medical care of the Vagina.

Majority of ladies only go to the hospital when they have infection or when they are pregnant, and they live each day without regard to the health of the vagina.
Every discharge, floral changes, and secretion of the body calls for some medical check up, especially when you’re within your reproductive age.
It’s okay to carry out swab analysis and check the health of your vagina once in twelve months.

Remember, your vagina carries too many functions, so don’t take it’s health for granted.

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